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Joke Home > Gross Jokes > The Bet

The Bet

Total Views: 7,545 Last Updated: 3/15/2004 Number Votes: 846 | Average: 0.07

Three men were talking amoungst themselves in a bar. After a few minutes, One approached the bartender, and said "See that dart board over there? I bet you 10 bucks I can land a dart smack dab in the bullseye."   The bartender, having served the man a few beers already, knew he could not do this, and agreed to the bet. The man took aim, threw the dart, and indeed, it landed right in the bullseye. The bartender gave the man his 10 bucks.   The man then said "I will bet you 40 bucks I can get 3 darts in the bulleye all in a row."   The bartender agreed, thinking that there is no way he could do it again. Sure enough, the man picked up 3 darts, and one by one stuck them all to the the bullseye. The bartender was shocked as he handed the man his 40 bucks.   "I will make one last bet with you" said the man to the bartender.  "I will place a glass on the bar, then from across the room, I will pee in the glass, without spilling a single drop."  The bartender, now nearly broke, agreed to this, knowing it would be an impossible feat.  So, the man set up the glass, went across the room, and started to piss towards the glass. When he was finished, It seemed as if the glass was the only thing the piss had missed. there was piss everywhere, but the bartender was satisfied, and happily took the money from the man. The man, with a deafeted look on his face, sulked back to the table where the rest of his friends were waiting. After a few minuted had passed, the bartender's curiosity overhwelmed him, and he went over to the table the three men were sitting at.  "If you knew you would not be able to do it, why did you bet the 50 bucks on it?"  "Well," Said the man, with a smirk on his face, "I bet these fuckers 200 bucks that I could piss all over the place and not get kicked out."

Thanks to Natalie Scott for this joke. 

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