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Total Views: 9,406 Last Updated: 7/26/2005 Number Votes: 1,182 | Average: 0.08

Kris Dickinson is a stupid fucking dumbass bastard white ass lying buttmunch. I fucking hate that bastard Kris, and he wants to lick Sara's ass. Sara says he is a stupid liar and he thinks too highly of himself, that is sad. Even that bitch Sara doesn't like him, and Sara likes everyone!  Ashley wants to fuck Kris and she touches him when he falls asleep on the bus. He said that someday, Sara will lose 100 pounds and will hump him. Kris said that everyone in the whole school's breath smells like rotting dog crap except for him and Sara's.  Sara's breath can knock a buzzard off a shit wagon, so I don't know what the fuck his retarded ass is thinking. Kris got his ass beaten the hell out of by a 238 pound black kid who was barely 13.  Kris thinks he is all bad, and he claims to take 4 showers a day and brush his teeth 12 times a day. With the dirt stained pimples and sweating armpits, I don't believe a fucking thing that asshole says. He is a dumb CRAP EATING SHIT FUCKING ANAL LICKING ASS LICKER  Kris always puts people down and tells them that their shirt looks like a log of shit and they've worn it for the past week, uh... Hello, ur dad beats ur ass from head to toe, you could lay a book on your ass cuz ur dad is always catching you shoving ur 3-inch dick in your little sister's mouth.  Kris always says he won every fight, and he could beat the shit out of anyone. Andrew (85 pounds), Trony (238 pounds), and Kevion (109 pounds) have all beaten the fuck out of that bitch. Kris is a stupid bastard crap maker panty waste who fondles literal bitches.  Kris has to use weapons when he fights, but that annoying bitch Hope could probably rip off his 3 inch toenail and carve a pit on his ball sack with it.    Kris Dickinson is a fucking dumbass shit face crapping poo-stained underwear dandruff arrogant thinking redneck shit face ASSHOLE, I WILL FUCKING SHOVE A KNIFE DOWN HIS THROAT AND CUT OFF HIS HEAD, THEN I'LL RIP OUT HIS HEART AND DANCE TO THE BEAT. THE BASTARD NEEDS TO LIE IN A CREVICE FULL OF VENOMOUS SPIDERS AND CRY OUT TO THE WORLD, BUT NOBODY WILL HEAR HIM BECAUSE THEY DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT HIS SHITTY ASS.    Anyway, Kris Dickinson is a bastard, and that's all there is to it.

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Insults > Joke 18 of 325 in the Insults category.
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