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Joke Home > Miscellaneous Jokes > thiz joke roks

thiz joke roks

Total Views: 5,639 Last Updated: 1/29/2004 Number Votes: 977 | Average: 0.01

2 ne 1 hu happenws 2 hav the misfortune 2 read this joke, plz carry on readin it coz its fukin funny lol  rite now im sittin in skool nd im fukin bored- im in french-  i lied just now bout this bein funny, this iz shit- it aint even a joke.  this iz real fun just rittin shit nd noin dat sum gay assed twat will read it-lol  Y cant da whole word speak english, fuk then i wudnt hav french lessons lol  havin sed dat- 4 sum reason i still learn latin but not 1 gay assed country in da whole world speaks da fukin language- not lol  i gotta latin xam soon nd im goin 2 hell wiv it.  I aint even bein fagged 2 revise. Instead im rittin gay assed stuff on da internet just coz i no sum gay bugger will read it lol.  I cant even think ov ne thin 2 rite now-lol  My english teacha iz takin french coz da french teachers away- the old faggot will kill me if she cs me rittin this.  Ig2g b4 i get caught  Hope u liked da joke lol

Thanks to Fukin Hell Shit i dunno for this joke. 

Miscellaneous Jokes > Joke 347 of 378 in the Miscellaneous Jokes category.
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