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Joke Home > Animal Jokes > I'm A Bull

I'm A Bull

Total Views: 5,727 Last Updated: 12/6/2005 Number Votes: 601 | Average: 0.00

Three bulls are standing around the pasture, under a shady tree, when one bull says to the others "Did you hear that the rancher bought a new bull yesterday?". Right off the oldest bull says, "I've been here for 10 years and I EARNED all 150 of my cows, he can't have any of mine!". The the second bull says "Well, okay I've only been here 5 years but I DESERVE all 100 of my cows, and I'm not going to share them!". The youngest bull pipes up and says, "Okay I've only been here a year but I NEED all 50 of my cows, I am a young bull after all!!" Just as he says that there is a loud rumbling in the distance, as it moves closer the ground shakes and the trees tremble. The bulls all watch as an enormous truck drives over the hill onto thier ranch. Inside they can hear an awful ruckus, as something bangs and slams around inside the truck, making the sides bulge and shudder.  The oldest bull says "Okay, maybe I was a bit hasty I suppose I could spare half my cows!". Meanwhile the noises grow louder and more fearsome. The second bull says "The heck with this, he can have all my cows, I don't really need them that much!" Suddenly the back door drops down as a ramp and the noise is now deafening. The youngest bull starts stamping and pawing and tearing up the ground, putting on a ferocuious display.  Both bulls look at him astonished and say "Junior hold on! Are you crazy? That monster will kill you! Your 50 cows aren't worth all that!" A moment later out walks the biggest, meanest looking, most ferocious bull anyone has ever seen! The young bull keeps up his bullish display and says "Cows hell, he can have them all, I just want to make sure he knows I am a BULL!"

Thanks to phyllis wright for this joke. 

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